SEKISUI CHEMICAL @ IAA 2019: Driving tomorrow with sustainable innovations

SEKISUI’s first appearance at the IAA, the world’s most important mobility event, was a full success. From September 10 to 22, SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. presented new products for the European automotive industry from its R&D centers and different European companies. Color Carbon and Luminous interlayer films from SEKISUI S-LEC or thermal-management solutions for lithium-ion batteries from SEKISUI POLYMATECH as well as other automotive components were built into a futuristic concept car, which was presented to the European audience for the first time.

The future of mobility

“We are sharing our vision of future mobility solutions.” With this announcement Masayuki Suda, CEO of SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH, opened the SEKISUI press conference at the IAA 2019 and thereby the very first appearance of SEKISUI at the IAA in Frankfurt. As the exhibition this year was becoming more interactive, more connected, and more digital, the announcement of SEKISUI totally corresponded to the latest automotive trends.

The opening conference as well as the complete presentation of SEKISUI was used as a platform to enter relationships with the expert audience as well as the attending automotive media. It also aimed at sharing the strategy for the European market. Moreover, SEKISUI wanted to maintain its role as a trendsetter with innovative solutions for comfort, safety and sustainability in the automotive industry within Europe, like Suda explained: “We are delighted to be exhibiting at the IAA for the first time and hope that our technologies will provide impetus for the industry. We want to continue to play a decisive role in shaping the future of mobility.”

Not only the press but also the professional trade audience and decision-makers were able to experience the SEKISUI booth from September 10 to 22. Throughout the show experts from both the SEKISUI Automotive & Transportation Business Strategy Department and the European SEKISUI companies were on hand to explain individual products and their benefits.

The SEKISUI concept car combined the latest products for the European market

The latest product innovations were incorporated in a striking concept car, which was the ultimate highlight of the SEKISUI booth. Car manufacturers, suppliers, and everyone interested could vividly experience the large SEKISUI portfolio for the European automotive market through the concept car.

At the same time, the concept car showcased how well SEKISUI product solutions complement each other and how broad the portfolio for the European automotive market is.*

New HUD technology for windshields and game-changing Color Carbon

Did you know that SEKISUI already covers around 40 percent of the market for interlayer films for automobiles in Europe and the world as a whole?! In this context, one of the key technological innovations in the concept car is a new type of interlayer film, “Luminous PVB”, which enables data-driven presentation of information over the entire windshield as well as the car’s side windows.

Interlayer films for laminated glass usually prevent glass from penetrating or scattering in the event of an accident and also shields against ultraviolet rays. In addition to these basic functions, SEKISUIs high-performance S-LEC™ interlayer film provides sound insulation, thermal insulation and HUD (Head-up-Display) compatibility with a clearer image of crucial information for passengers.

Another spectacular product installed in the concept car is Color Carbon: a carbon-fiber material processed with sputtering technology. It’s an ultra-thin layer of ionized metal particles that connects directly to the surface and enables the creation of astonishing colored carbon fabrics. With Color Carbon there are more design options while retaining the advantages of carbon, such as light weight – with no need for subsequent coloring!

The concept car also promotes thermal-management materials that improve the safety and higher performance of lithium-ion batteries – like a thermally conductive grease, which provides high conductivity, excellent abrasion resistance and low outgassing properties.

Last but not least the wide range of plastic materials, molding products and tapes for automobiles are to mention. The concept car was pretty comprehensive and showcasing small and large highlight products – all enhancing comfort and safety, especially for environmentally friendly vehicles.

The IAA presentation was finally closed successfully with a lot of business contacts and a great feedback from everyone who experienced the all-embracing SEKISUI booth. We are sure that this appearance helped to expand SEKISUI’s position in Europe as a strong partner for the automotive industry with products that combine sustainability, innovation and efficiency.


*Following the IAA, you can experience the concept car in Helmond, Netherlands, where it will be available on the Automotive Campus until mid of October 2019. Furthermore you can check out the SEKISUI concept car via this link:

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