The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain or Switzerland: the locations of the European SEKISUI companies are broadly diversified, just as their different business fields are.  

Founded in Japan in 1947 by seven samurai with the idea to utilize the benefits of plastics to improve the life of all people, SEKISUI’s expansion plans extended to Europe from the 1960s onwards. The first subsidiary in Europe was founded in 1962 when SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH was established as the representative organisation of SEKISUI’s European operations in Germany.

Only nine years later, in 1971, SEKISUI ALVEO AG was founded in Switzerland as the basis for further growth in Europe. Further companies were established in the Netherlands between the 1970s and 1990s, such as SEKISUI ESLON B.V. in 1974 and SEKISUI S-LEC B.V. in 1996.

Additional companies joined the SEKISUI family in the late 2000s: SEKISUI ALVEO BS GMBH and SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS EUROPE S.L. in 2009, SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS (UK) LTD. in 2011 as well as SEKISUI DIAGNOSTIC GMBH in 2014 and SEKISUI PIPE RENEWAL B.V. in 2015. 2 years later SEKISUI EUROPE B.V. was announced as official regional headquarters of SEKISUI in Europe. Last but not least, SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE B.V. joined in 2018. As of November 25th, 2020, SEKISUI PIPE RENEWAL B.V. merged with SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH.

At present, a total of nine SEKISUI companies are distributed throughout Europe and serve a wide variety of business fields like mobility, electronics, medical as well as construction and infrastructure.

The graphic provides a quick overview of all European companies, their locations and fields of business:

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As Teiji Koge, SEKISUI Chemical President and CEO, announced during the Vision Caravan last year, the new medium-term management plan “SHIFT 2019 – FUSION –” accelerates shift toward a new phase of growth to enhance long term corporate value. Learn more about the Group’s vision in the new “SEKISUI Today 2018” video.

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