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The 9th European KAIZEN convention

Innovative projects aiming at the continuous improvement of SEKISUI. This is what KAIZEN is about. On November 19th, representatives from different European companies met in Vlodrop near Roemond, the Netherlands, and competed against each other at the 9th European KAIZEN convention. The event allowed six European teams to present their improvement activities to reinforce company structure and business performance.

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Clare Chaffey: Fresh Idea Award

“I have always been interested in protecting and helping the environment where I can,” states Clare Chaffey, Senior QA (Quality Assurance) Documentation Supervisor at SEKISUI Diagnostics in Kent. While she had wanted to install solar panels for years, she could only install them when moving from a flat to a house in 2015. For the latest improvements of her solar panels system she was now awarded the SEKISUI Greenest Person Fresh Idea Award.

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Ideas can make a difference

“Continuous improvement is essential for modern businesses to thrive rather than just survive.” This is what Darren Ladd states on the importance of KAIZEN. SEKISUI Europe talked to the member of the KAIZEN committee and gained insights into his daily work and private life.

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“Two heads are better than one”. Insights into the daily working life of Elena Llorens Domenjó

Elena Llorens Domenjó has been working for SEKISUI for more than five years by now. After a first working experience as student in 2010, she joined Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Europe (SSCE) as Laboratory Chemist in January 2014 – not only enjoying her daily job but also the different opportunities like KAIZEN activities until today. We talked to Elena and gathered some insights into her day-to-day work, her engagement in KAIZEN and her personal life.

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Fresh Idea Award for a beautiful and biodiverse garden

Pascal Meyer has always been engaged in biodiversity and environmental issues. When moving into a new house with his family, they decided to turn the rather simple garden into a biodiverse paradise for humans and animals. This creation of a “natural garden” has now been awarded with the SEKISUI Greenest Person Fresh Idea Award.

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The Global KAIZEN Convention 2019

For the 53rd time, the Global KAIZEN Convention took place in Kyoto, Japan. At the end of January, representatives from all over the world met and presented their KAIZEN project. Among them: Pedro Soler from SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals, who won the European KAIZEN Convention in 2018.

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