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In 2020, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has launched a new long-term vision aimed at 2030. This vision expresses the company’s will to continue to innovate and to contribute to sustainability, aiming to double its business by “business growth, reform and creation, centered on ESG management”. The first phase of that vision is the new medium-term management plan called “Drive 2022”. Learn more in the new corporate video “SEKISUI Today 2020”.

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Clare Chaffey: Fresh Idea Award

“I have always been interested in protecting and helping the environment where I can,” states Clare Chaffey, Senior QA (Quality Assurance) Documentation Supervisor at SEKISUI Diagnostics in Kent. While she had wanted to install solar panels for years, she could only install them when moving from a flat to a house in 2015. For the latest improvements of her solar panels system she was now awarded the SEKISUI Greenest Person Fresh Idea Award.

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SEKISUI Alveo: Environmental awareness all over Europe

As a global leader in the chemical industry, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group places the environment at the centre of its management priorities. During the annual SEKISUI Environment Week, employees from all business sites contribute to environmental projects – worldwide. With various sites and employees throughout Europe, SEKISUI Alveo contributed to a variety of great projects last year.

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European Environmental Managers Meeting 2019

At the beginning of February, the time had come again: The QESH manager of all SEKISUI companies met to talk about current environment activities in Europe and learn about the current environmental plans and how to implement them from Japanese colleagues. This year, the event was hosted by SEKISUI Diagnostics in the UK. Together with the Environmental Management Group the company prepared an interesting and diverse two-day program at their site in Kent.

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Natural Capital Coalition Collaboration Day 2018

In November 2018, Manabu Okubo from the SEKISUI Environmental Management Group attended the Natural Capital Coalition Collaboration Day in Paris as part of Natural Capital Week*. The event was held in Palais Brongniart, an exhibition center in the heart of Paris. Kate Gilmartin from SEKISUI Overseas Management Group was there and gives a short event report:

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SEKISUI Environment Week: SEKISUI Diagnostics got rid of useless plastics

Even though – or rather because – SEKISUI Chemical Group is a leading company in plastic business, we all are aware of the difference between useful and useless plastic products. It is important to have this in mind when caring for the environment, especially during the SEKISUI Environment Week. SEKISUI Diagnostics in Kent, GB, had chosen a tough challenge for this year: during one week in October 2018, it was time to say goodbye to useless plastic products.

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