Successful fire drill at SEKISUI ALVEO in Bad Sobernheim

Safety first. Safety and security has top priority at all SEKISUI sites – also at SEKISUI ALVEO in Bad Sobernheim, that has completed a successful fire drill a few weeks ago.

The scenario was challenging: a major drill with the fire brigades of Bad Sobernheim and Monzingen (two cities in Rheinland-Palatinate, Germany), emergency doctor and ambulance, fire extinguish drill, rescue of persons and evacuation of buildings. After thorough planning by the fire protection officer Andreas Münnich and the safety officer Björn Fischborn a complex situation was designed as a large-scale drill in cooperation with the fire brigade leader Volker Müller from the Bad Sobernheim fire brigade. Neither the employees of SEKISUI ALVEO nor the fire brigades and medical staff had been informed in advance, so that all participants had to assume an emergency.

An alarm was triggered during the late shift at 18.20 PM. In just two minutes and 18 seconds, the employees had left the building and arrived at the assembly points. After six minutes and 20 seconds, the first fire truck came into the yard. Both are peak times that can be decisive in an emergency.

And also the task of rescuing people was completed successfully. In addition to fighting the fire in the smoky halls, the rescuers had the task of using respiratory protective devices to rescue a missing person (dummy) under a tilted pallet by using lifting bags and to rescue an injured person from a stage in another building using a stretcher.

For SEKISUI ALVEO, the fire drill was a good opportunity to check the emergency management and to introduce possible optimisations. “The fire drill conducted in Bad Sobernheim is more complex than the legally required preventative measure. However, we are happy to go the ‘extra mile’ when it comes to safety,” explains Björn Fischborn.

At a joint snack invited to by Markus Römer, Plant Director of SEKISUI ALVEO in Bad Sobernheim, first discussions on fire drill and possible improvements could be discussed. Markus Römer also thanked everyone for the professional action and presented the Bad Sobernheim fire brigade with a donation.

Have a look at the video of the fire drill exercise (provided by Kreuznach 112):

A good exercise to prepare for a real situation! And it shows that it is important to work together in a case of emergency.

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