SEKISUI Companies in Europe: Interview with Masayuki Suda (Managing Director of SEKISUI Chemical GmbH)

As a group of companies, SEKISUI in Europe provides a vast array of innovative products and services, engages around 1,000 diverse employees and combines the strength of various great companies. One of these companies is SEKISUI Chemical GmbH – with its Managing Director Masayuki Suda. We met him for a personal interview and asked him about the company’s daily business, its benefits to the customer as well as its role within Europe.

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Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your career at SEKISUI so far?

My name is Masayuki Suda, I am the Managing Director of SEKISUI Chemical GmbH. I started working at SEKISUI Chemical in April 1991. My first position was in the Tokyo Sales Office of the Fine Chemical Division. I have been in the Managing Director position for 14 months now.


What is your role as Managing Director at SEKISUI Chemical GmbH?

SEKISUI Chemical GmbH, located in Düsseldorf, is a trading company only. My main task is to think about and promote opportunities to place products by the SEKISUI Group in Europe.


You are working at SEKISUI Chemical GmbH. What is the company doing?

Our company belongs to UIEP (Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products) but we are selling products from both UIEP and HPP (High Performance Plastics). Some of the most important products are FFU®, ESLON®-DC Plate and double-sided adhesive tape.

FFU® (Fibre Reinforced Foamed Urethane) is used for the sleepers on railways. Our main customer is Deutsche Bahn; as well as English, French, Swiss, Austrian, and North European railway companies.

ESLON®-DC Plates (ESLON®-Dust Clean Plates) are charge prevention plates that eliminate static electricity damage. The plates are used for equipment that should avoid static electricity, like semiconductor or automotive or plastic processing plant.

Double-sided tape is mainly used for automotive interior parts, especially for air condition parts.

On top, we provide fire protection products in the building field. And we are doing marketing activities in the car electronic field.


What benefits do you offer to your customers?

Besides being a reliable partner, we do offer different things to our customers, depending on the product. Our FFU®, for example, has not only a light weight but is also reliable and long-lasting. The ESLON®-DC Plates are of very good quality, we can provide quick delivery and we can also adjust the plates according to the customer requirements. And our double-sided tape does not smell and thus offers a good affect to cabin environment.


If you had one wish regarding your business, what would it be?

I would wish that both our customers and our employees are happy through our business.


What is great about working for SEKISUI Chemical GmbH?

Looking at myself, I have many possibilities to grow, facing new challenges and develop new business. It is a great team to work with.


How do you think the different SEKISUI companies in Europe could work together?

There are many different companies in Europe, all belonging to SEKISUI. I think this is wonderful. We can combine our senses of value in order to manage new projects and ideas.


What does being a part of SEKISUI in Europe mean to you?

Being part of SEKISUI in Europe means being one of a bigger group. I think we should all work together as one unity.


What do you like most about your position as Managing Director?

What I like most is seeing each of our members grow and raise his or her motivations in the job. This is a great feeling.


What was the best advice someone ever gave to you?

Every failure is a stepping stone to success.


What did you always want to say to your team/your employees?

Please always be honest.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group entered the European market for the first time with the establishment of SEKISUI Chemical GmbH in 1962. SEKISUI Chemical GmbH, located in Düsseldorf (Germany), is an export, import and sales base for various products of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group in the automotive, chemicals, electronics (information technologies), construction and infrastructure fields. It is responsible for promoting and selling diverse products from both the High Performance Plastics and the Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Divisional Companies in Europe.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL GmbH is also responsible for market research in Europe to ensure the sales potential of products is maximized.

All activities of the SEKISUI Chemical GmbH employees adhere to the fundamental philosophy of enhancing customer satisfaction and the mission to provide cutting-edge technologies while meeting compliance requirements as well as the highest standards of corporate responsibility.

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