SEKISUI Companies in Europe: Interview with Paul Koopman (Managing Director of SEKISUI Eslon and SEKISUI Pipe Renewal)

As a group of companies, SEKISUI in Europe provides a vast array of innovative products and services, engages around 1,000 diverse employees and combines the strength of various great companies. One of these companies is SEKISUI Eslon. Another one is SEKISUI Pipe Renewal. Both companies have one Managing Director: Paul Koopman. We asked him about the company’s daily business, his job as Managing Director as well as the cooperation within Europe.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your career at SEKISUI so far?

My name is Paul Koopman. I started working for SEKISUI Eslon in 2011, doing Sales. In 2013 I became Managing Director of SEKISUI Eslon. When SEKISUI Pipe Renewal (SPR) was founded in Europe in 2015, I also took over the role as Managing Director for this company.


What is your role as Managing Director at SEKISUI Eslon and SEKISUI Pipe Renewal?

My main role is to agree on and set targets. And I make sure that these targets are met by checking and organising the means to do so. I am also communicating a lot with SEKISUI Japan as well as with our main customers and main suppliers.


You are working at SEKISUI Eslon and SEKISUI Pipe Renewal. What are the two companies doing?

SEKISUI Eslon is producing and selling rain gutters, rain gutter pipes and various types of extrusion profiles, among which is also the SEKISUI Pipe Renewal profile. Our products are sold to professional installers, do it yourself chains and private customers.

SEKISUI Pipe Renewal is specialised in providing solutions (design, materials, equipment and training) for trenchless pipe rehabilitation with spiral wound lining. These solutions used by installation companies.


What benefits do you offer to your customers?

We offer our customers products and services to realise intended rainwater and sewer transport.


What is great about working for SEKISUI?

Working for SEKISUI means being part of a stable, ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) oriented and supportive family.


How do you think the different SEKISUI companies in Europe could work together?

In my opinion the different SEKISUI companies could work together by finding solutions for comparable problems.


What do you like most about your position as Managing Director?

I enjoy my job a lot. What I like most is having a certain level of control.


What was the best advice someone ever gave to you?

You will never reach perfection, but if you work hard you come closer.


What did you always want to say to your team/your employees?

Care for the entire company as you do for your family.

SEKISUI Eslon, founded in 1974 and located in Roermond in the Netherlands, is a modern extrusion and injection-moulding company. It is a specialised producer of PVC building products for DIY and professional use.

The core business is the production of gutters and downpipes. Over the years, SEKISUI Eslon has expanded the business with several new designs, colors and sizes. In addition to rain guttering and piping, the company has also developed has a diverse range of product line-ups including ventilation tubes, fittings and grills, PVC panels and drain gutters

SEKISUI Eslon products are produced in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. By partnering with the Vinyl Foundation, Eslon products and production techniques are durable and environmentally-responsible. Eslon products which are sold across Europe and North Africa reflect the commitment and value that the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group places on environment contribution and sustainable business practices.

SEKISUI Pipe Renewal (SPR) is a leading provider of pipeline rehabilitation technology. It represents technological competence in trenchless pipe rehabilitation with spiral-wound linings.  SPR provides award-winning trenchless technology which is perfect for pipe networks − providing solutions that are high quality, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The spiral wound lining technology is being employed successfully all over the world − for the rehabilitation of challenging circular and custom shapes − and is proving its reliability even under extreme conditions. This trenchless technology is based on the principle of spiral winding an extruded plastic profile from PVC or HDPE into a liner.

SPR in Europe manufactures the profiles and offers all services for a successful realisation of rehabilitation projects. The experienced Sales & Service division helps to find the right solutions and supports the customer with the relevant expertise throughout every stage of the pipe maintenance project – from planning, project management, technology evaluation to technical support. The technology division combines expertise and many years of experience with the spiral-wound technology in a team of specialists from the various services like design and engineering or equipment management.

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