SEKISUI Alveo in Bad Sobernheim, Germany received ISO50001 certification for energy-saving activities

SEKISUI Alveo is the first company within SEKISUI to qualify for the international Energy Management System (EnMS) standard ISO50001 certification.

The company develops, produces and sells high-performance polyolefin foams and laminated products. With the acquisition of the ISO50001 certification, SEKISUI Alveo improved the controlling of the cooling system for its foam products, which resulted in saving costs between 30,000 and 40,000 EUR per year. The ISO50001 certification confirms the inclusion of energy consumption and saving issues into the management Certificate-14001_50001_SABS_EN_2014-2017system. Along with the ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards, the ISO50001 energy management standard secures a plant policy for the effective and efficient use of energy and its deployment to all processes. To achieve this, the company organised an energy management team to discuss what should be done for new equipment introductions and energy efficiency promotion.

In late 2014, SEKISUI Alveo has already received the international Environmental Management System (EMS) standard ISO14001 certification for the systematic management of its environmental responsibilities. Main pillars of this standard are setting and achieving environmental objectives to enhance the organisations’ performance and the fulfilment of compliance obligations. “The parallel introduction of two management systems was quite a challenge from an administrative point of view and we still have a lot of detail work to do. The integration of all three systems at SEKISUI Alveo – ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO50001 – into one system will be the next big challenge”, says Ulrike Eymann, EHS manager of SEKISUI Alveo.

For the outstanding achievements in environment-related activities, SEKISUI Alveo was honoured with an environmental award, sponsored by HPPC president, Mr. Keita Kato.

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