Videos: SEKISUI products are part of our everyday life

It is interesting to see how outstanding plastics help to make our lives more enjoyable and even safer.

SEKISUI products in the transport industry

We aim to increase safety, comfort and eco-friendly performance with materials that are fuel-efficient and highly durable. And we want to make every ride as comfortable as possible for the passengers. The SEKISUI products increase passenger comfort on the inside of vehicles by reducing noise or by increasing safety through materials that are fire-retardant, highly durable and lightweight.

Take a closer look on your next car ride, on the train or during your next flight. Or have a look at the animation to learn more.

SEKISUI products for construction and infrastructure

The European SEKISUI companies offer such a wide portfolio of convenient solutions for urban living.

Our residential housing products range from C-PVC compounds for hot-water pipes to products that make housing interiors more durable as well as interlayer films for window-glazing to provide better thermal and acoustic insulation.
Products for the urban infrastructure are technologies for public transportation systems to help reduce noise on railways or trenchless pipe maintenance technologies of large diameter sewage pipes.
In the industrial segment, we offer valves, including pipes and fittings for piping systems, produced to the highest quality and used in the environmental industry, power plants and for water and flue gas treatment.

Have a look at the animation to understand even more.

SEKISUI products in the electronic sector

SEKISUI offers flat panel displays for smart phones, car dashboards, tablets, cameras and other electronics.

The companies in Europe manufacture products for higher definition and responsiveness, improving the usage of electronic devices. The range covers microspheres, resins, foam as well as tape and film products.
The second pillar in the electronic product portfolio targets the improvement of semiconductor performances. As core of all electronic devices, our adhesives and tapes advance the functionality through their stability, transparency and adhesion control in the wafer manufacturing process.

Our animation shows you what SEKISUI products offer.

SEKISUI products in the Medical business

The Medical business in Europe has been committed to helping improve the lives of patients by providing innovative medical diagnostics to physicians and laboratories. It also provides high-quality, cost-effective enzymes and biochemicals to diagnostic reagent & biosensor manufacturers and research labs around the world.

In order to secure and enhance society’s health, the Medical business of SEKISUI has a history of innovation which includes the first homogeneous test for LDL and the first plastic vacuum blood collection tube – and continues to invest in the areas of diabetes, infectious disease, coagulation, diagnostic enzymes and automated systems. Additionally, it has a leading position as a provider of rapid tests and molecular point-of-care systems in the US and high throughout coagulation systems in Japan.

Have a look at our animation to understand some of the areas our Medical products are used in.

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