European Environmental Managers Meeting 2019

At the beginning of February, the time had come again: The QESH manager of all SEKISUI companies met to talk about current environment activities in Europe and learn about the current environmental plans and how to implement them from Japanese colleagues. This year, the event was hosted by SEKISUI Diagnostics in the UK. Together with the Environmental Management Group the company prepared an interesting and diverse two-day program at their site in Kent.

For the managers, that are responsible for their plant development in terms of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health, the focus was on Environment once again. The main goal of this meeting was improving the common knowledge of all participants, raising the awareness for environmental issues even more and developing COreduction techniques. The meeting was set-up in an interactive way, providing different presentations and active workshops.

After a short welcome speech from Will Stockburn, Managing Director at SEKISUI Diagnostics, the first day started with an introduction by the colleagues from Japan. In addition to the Medium-Term Management Plan called “FUSION”, which is lived by every European SEKISUI company, the SEKISUI Environmental Management Group regularly provides a Medium-Term-Environmental-Plan. This reflects the long-term vision how environmental activities can help to return the natural capital. In order to emphasize the target and key measures, Manabu Okubo from the SEKISUI Environmental Management Group gave an overview of this environmental plan.  After that, Koji Kusumoto explained the COreduction plan – followed by Ikuko Nozawa that presented a survey on environmental knowledge and activities.

After these useful background information, the active part of the meeting started. After a nice lunch the afternoon was all about the „self-guide to biodiversity premises” that SEKISUI companies could use to improve the biodiversity at sites. The participants were divided into groups and were asked to understand and apply the self-guide while exploring the Kent site of SEKISUI Diagnostics. The results were presented and discussed afterwards.

Also, the second day was active, when the managers explored and experienced the production facilities of SEKISUI Diagnostics. The participants should get a better understanding of the processes and the daily work – in order to develop a good way of CO2 reduction. Again, the results were presented to the whole group and all attendees talked about the findings in an open and productive way.

Two successful days with many interesting insights!

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