6 continents, 211 companies, 26,080 employees, one mission: enhance people’s lives and the earth’s environment. Founded in 1947, Japan-based SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. focuses its chemical and technical expertise on three divisions: High Performance Plastics, Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Products and last but not least, the Housing business providing environmentally-friendly, comfortable and earthquake-safe living in Japan.
As a global leader in chemical industries we feel ourselves connected with a strong commitment towards social and environmental responsibility.





Articles from SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group


In 2020, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has launched a new long-term vision aimed at 2030. This vision expresses the company’s will to continue to innovate and to contribute to sustainability, aiming to double its business by “business growth, reform and creation, centered on ESG management”. The first phase of that vision is the new medium-term management plan called “Drive 2022”. Learn more in the new corporate video “SEKISUI Today 2020”.

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SEKISUI financial results 2019

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has recently announced the financial results of the past Fiscal Year. The numbers for 2019 follow the global market trend: due to the spread of COVID-19, sales and income of the company decreased. With a substantial drop in operations and sales as of February 2020, the forecast was not achieved. In FY2019 sales was 1129.3 billion ¥ (ca. 9333 million €). Facing further economic impacts of the pandemic, the financial plans for the Fiscal Year 2020 were updated.

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SEKISUI in three minutes

How did it all start? What is the aim for the future? Would you like to learn more about the beginnings of SEKISUI and the goals for the future? This short video provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview.

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The 9th European KAIZEN convention

Innovative projects aiming at the continuous improvement of SEKISUI. This is what KAIZEN is about. On November 19th, representatives from different European companies met in Vlodrop near Roemond, the Netherlands, and competed against each other at the 9th European KAIZEN convention. The event allowed six European teams to present their improvement activities to reinforce company structure and business performance.

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European Compliance Months

In order to strengthen the awareness for compliance, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group annually organizes compliance months around the world. This year the months are focused on cyber security. There is a message from the Japanese Headquarters that we would like to share with all European employees.

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New: SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group Cyber Security Policy

IT keeps improving our business and private life. However, with the increasing use of digital technologies there are also increasing challenges on the level of security. This is why cyber security has become one key priority for SEKISUI. In order to keep a secured IT environment, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has now established a ‘Cyber Security Policy’.

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SEKISUI CHEMICAL @ IAA 2019: Driving tomorrow with sustainable innovations

SEKISUI’s first appearance at the IAA, the world’s most important mobility event, was a full success. From September 10 to 22, SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. presented new products for the European automotive industry from its R&D centers and different European companies. Color Carbon and Luminous interlayer films from SEKISUI S-LEC or thermal-management solutions for lithium-ion batteries from SEKISUI POLYMATECH as well as other automotive components were built into a futuristic concept car, which was presented to the European audience for the first time.

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SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE: Taking a closer look at our new sister company in Roermond

In the beginning of 2019, SEKISUI in Europe celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony for the new plant of SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE B.V.. As the plant operations are planned to start at the beginning of 2020, we would like to take a closer look at SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE B.V. as a new member of SEKISUI in Europe, and one of its products: CGW® 2-humoral silicone heat radiation grease.

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New SAP system: “SuccessFactors”

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group constantly aims to improve personnel development and therefore an adequate module of the SAP system “SuccessFactors” will be launched shortly. With this system, it will be possible to conduct online training courses and exchange information internally within the training groups, if desired.

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International line-up at SEKISUI Open 2019

For the eighth time, professional squash players from all over the world met in the heart of Switzerland to compete in the SEKISUI Open 2019 from 21 to 25 May. This year, players from a total of 14 nations (five of them from the top 100 world ranking) found their way to Kriens.

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SEKISUI Today 2019

2019 marks an important year for the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group. While it is the final year of the current Medium-term Management Plan and the end of “SHIFT 2019 -Fusion-”, the year is also about planning for the next term. The video “SEKISUI Today 2019” explains why this year is about SEKISUI’s SHIFT to the next stage by positioning ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) at the core of the company’s management strategy.

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SEKISUI financial results 2018

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group recently announced the financial results of the Fiscal Year 2018. The company successfully increased its net profit for the sixth year in a row but unfortunately, the nine-year streak of record highs came to an end as the operating income dropped. The target of an operating income mark of 100 billion yen was not met but with the strength of all Group members, the company will aim for recovery in this Fiscal Year 2019.

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Did you actually know … what the Golden Week is?

The Golden Week is a holiday season in Japan that begins in the last week of April and continues until the first week of May. It consists of four national holidays – the days in between are often appointed as company holidays. Alternatively, employees take the days off and get up to 10 days holidays (including weekends).

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