Bet for a good cause!

SEKISUI employees from all offices have the possibility to participate in this year’s European Football Tournament by betting on one team for a charitable purpose (for free). The prize money will go to a local non-profit organization of the winner’s choice.

*** The bet ended on September 2nd. ***

The SEKISUI European Football Tournament 2019 will take place in Herkenbosch, Netherlands, from September 6th to 8th. Every employee, if player or not, can now participate actively – by taking part in the Football Bet. By filling out the form below everyone has the chance to bet on the team of their choice.

Bets can be placed up to one week before the tournament. No wagering requirements. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

The participation is also tied to a prize money of €500 in total. The winner will receive €70 for his or her own usage. €430 will be donated to a local charitable organisation (e.g. educational institutions, nature organisations, health organisation or social services) of the winner’s choice.

Bet on a team for a charitable purpose!

The winner of the Football Bet will be revealed during the award ceremony on September 7th. The person will also be informed via email. In substitute for the winner, her or his favourite team will be given a voucher, which the team members will hand over to the winner after returning home. The donation itself will be presented to the organisation by the winner.

Bet on charity

SEKISUI aims to create social values through its corporate activities. The decision to hand over most of the prize money to a local charitable organisation is based on this principle. With the Football Bet SEKISUI strengthens its commitment to create a harmonious coexistence with local communities.

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