Successful relocation of SEKISUI Diagnostics GmbH

“Bye-bye Pfungstadt, hello Darmstadt!”, said the employees of SEKISUI Diagnostics GmbH mid of March. They moved from their old office in Pfungstadt to to a new office in Darmstadt. Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt, is now so close that the new office can be reached quickly by international guests and employees.

Twice as much space

SEKISUI Diagnostics GmbH called Pfungstadt its home for the past 17 years. The small office was located in a quiet residential area but it was too small for the team to develop its business to the fullest. Moreover, the team couldn’t welcome guests because there was not enough space. Now, the situation has come to an end, SEKISUI Diagnostics GmbH has a new address.

The new office in Darmstadt has an overall size of 350m², almost twice as large as the old office. As the meetings of the Senior Leadership Team with members from Japan and USA will take place there very soon, this new space will be fully used.

The new office also includes a showroom where customers and distributors can receive trainings on the company’s devices. Thanks to the large floor space, the equipment can be set up for demonstration and the training sessions can be designed vividly.

Location at the turntable of Europe

The new location is perfect: The new office in Darmstadt is only six kilometres away from the old office of SEKISUI Diagnostics GmbH and is therefore as easily accessible as the old one for the employees. Frankfurt airport is only 25 minutes away by car, so guests will have a fast ride after long flights. The train station can also be reached by ten minutes walking.


Senior Office Manager Ellka Buescher has worked 20 years for SEKISUI Diagnostics GmbH: 

“The move went really well. As a team, we made all the necessary preparations together. I can reach the office with my bike within 15 minutes. I also love the bright and large rooms. I’m really looking forward to host guests and colleagues from other countries”.


Anna Huber, Office Manager for five years at SEKISUI Diagnostics GmbH:

“Despite all the work, the move was really fun because we worked together perfectly as a team. Everyone helped everyone. I feel very comfortable at my new workplace. The area is really beautiful, I discovered a large sand dune nearby during my lunchtime walk. Since I go to work by train, the station nearby is also perfect.”

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