Sekisui Specialty Chemicals relaunches Selvol™ Ultiloc

Product relaunch by Sekisui Specialty Chemicals: After almost 30 years of global development, several new copolymers were introduced to the Selvol™ Ultiloc range – produced exclusively in the Tarragona plant in Spain!

Selvol™ Ultiloc is a series of patented copolymers that expand the functionality of Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol products: The new copolymers can bring added efficiency and improved utility to many applications polyvinyl alcohol is already used in, and consideration for new applications well.

The new grades offer a variety of characteristics ranging from higher adhesion and crosslinking, to faster dissolution and low temperature solubility. On top, the material is compatible with most adhesive bases, so formulations do not need to be altered when incorporating Ultiloc. That brings added efficiency and improved utility to applications including adhesives, emulsions, construction, coatings and flexible packaging like those used to contain coffee beans, cereals or other dry foods. Not to mention the many innovative application segments still on the horizon. 

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