The SEKISUI CSR concept and how to integrate it into business

This fiscal year, SEKISUI developed a new CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept. Let’s have a look at the most important aspects and how they are adaptable to the different business fields.

Focus on social value

The sentence “We create social value through our corporate activities.” is the very essence of SEKISUI’s idea of Corporate Social Responsibility. It also is the essence of the Corporate Philosophy called 3S Principle – Service, Speed and Superiority. All employees should keep this credo in mind. On this basis, everyone helps to solve social issues through business activities and also fulfills responsibilities to society.

Overall, the CSR concept is a huge construct located in the heart of the management strategy, leading to the realization of the SEKISUI Group vision:

Through prominence in technology and quality, the Sekisui Chemical Group will contribute to improving the lives of the people of the world and the Earth’s environment, by continuing to open up new frontiers in “residential and social infrastructure creation” and “chemical solutions.”

You can download the detailed concept here to get more insights about the CSR approach.

Basis: Maintain safety, compliance and respect for human rights and working environments

Working for SEKISUI means working on the goals mentioned above. The basic idea behind the CSR concept is to fulfill this pledge to society through all global businesses.

Safety efforts should be established for safe workplaces that give peace of mind to employees and local communities. To maintain compliance and respect for human rights we all should implement compliance management – to promote a fair corporate behavior and avoid human rights violations. At all working environments, SEKISUI aims to maintain healthy, vibrant workplaces and cares for systems upgrades.

Key steps: Governance, stakeholder engagement, three prominences, pledge to society

In order to achieve sustainable growth, SEKISUI constructed the so called “governance”. It consists of mechanisms that facilitate appropriate and decisive decision-making while keeping in mind all risk management systems.

At every working step and at every time, every effort should be made to understand stakeholders and properly meet their expectations. Making the most of this stakeholder engagement will lead to ongoing business conduction.

As mentioned before, the pledge to society should be promoted to strengthen the three prominences and solve social issues in environment (enhancing natural capital to keep the balance), CS & Quality (provide products and services that inspire) and human resources (promote diversity).

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